pence and panache featured bride - casieThe Bride and Groom

Bride’s Name: Casie Smith (now Wall)
Groom’s Name: Kenny Wall
Wedding Date:  March 18, 2016
How you met your fiancé?  Kenny and I met at Oklahoma Baptist University. He tried to get me to go out with him a couple of times, but I was stubborn. We didn’t start dating until he graduated and started working as an admissions counselor there!

pence and panache featured bride - casieHow did he propose? We are avid rock climbers. He planned a climbing trip to my favorite place called Horseshoe Canyon Ranch in Jasper, Arkansas. He invited all of our friends. We climbed all day, then went swimming in the Buffalo River. Then he and I went back to camp to grab some food and change. When we got back to the river bank, he handed me a white dress and told me to go change. After I changed, he took my hand and led me down to where our friends had set up a table with candles and hung lanterns in the trees. He had written me a sweet letter and saved every little note I had ever written him and put them in a box. Then he got down on one knee and proposed! Our friends came out of hiding and we celebrated in the mountains!

Your Bridal Gown &Accessories

pence and panache featured bride - casieWho was the wedding gown designer, and what was the style? Allure Bridal #9051

Favorite Feature about your dress: I loved the back of the dress. The long train with the buttons all the way down was stunning!

pence and panache featured bride - casieHow did you know your dress was “the one”? I knew it was the one when the group of ladies I brought all gasped when I came out of the dressing room. My mom tried to hide that she was crying, but that didn’t work. They all just gushed about this dress and I felt so pretty in it.

Describe your experience at Pence & Panache: I loved my experience here. I came one time to just see what kind of fit I might like, and was met with such patience and excitement. They made me feel really important, like finding my dress was as important to them as it was to me.
pence and panache featured bride - casieWhat accessories did you choose to accent your dress: : I chose a tiered veil embellished with pearls and crystals. The staff at Pence and Panache picked it out for me because it matched so perfectly.

Your Wedding Day

Wedding Venue: Classic Oaks Ranch in Mansfield, TX

Who was your Wedding Photographer: Joshua Tyi Photography

pence and panache featured bride - casieWhat was your “something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue”?  My something new was my dress! My something old and blue was my Nanny’s (my great grandmother) handkerchief that my grandma had dyed blue and given to my mom for her wedding. My something borrowed was a gorgeous bracelet from my grandma!

pence and panache featured bride - casieWhat color palette did you select? We used ivory and champagne gold. I love neutrals because you can do so much with them. And adding the sparkle in with the gold was a no brainer. I love sparkles.

How do you describe the theme of your wedding? My wedding was upscale rustic. It was very classy with some rustic details.

What is your #1 tip for brides in the planning process? Do everything early! You can never be too ahead of the game. And don’t forget to have fun!

Do you have any advice for brides who are still searching for their perfect bridal gown? Don’t lose faith! Have an open mind to fits you may not have envisioned yourself in. I definitely changed my mind once I started seeing different fits on my body!

pence and panache featured bride - casieWhat was your favorite part of your wedding day? ? My favorite part of my wedding day was our “secret last dance.” Our DJ cleared everyone out to get ready for our grand exit with sparklers. He set a song to play, and he left the room as well. So it was just Kenny and I getting to spend some sweet alone time dancing together and pinching ourselves. Did we really just get married?! It was so special!

pence and panache featured bride - casie pence and panache featured bride - casie